Grief, loss, depression, heartache, life transitions - these are human experiences. This book is a short helpful tool to help you navigate your path during these difficult times.

We fall. We cry. We climb. We transform .


Maybe it's not about how time will heal. Maybe it's about how healing takes time. But if that's true, then how much time? And is there some kind of instruction booklet hiding on the bottom of the tissue box? 

Maybe. Maybe now there is. 

Climbing Out from Under: A Handbook For Heartbreak contains a powerful distillation of teachings and tools, wrapped in plain language that won’t elude you during times when your head already hurts. It offers no short cuts. Just short sentences. Synthesizing cutting edge findings in psycho-neurobiology, contemporary psychoanalysis, and mindfulness practice, it delivers the insights and skills to help you not just survive heartbreak, but rather utilize it as a catalyst for profound transformation. 

This handbook teaches tools meant to both comfort and make room for some movement - for some wiggling out of stuck spaces. It's a book - not a crane. It lifts you only when you're ready, as your head rises and you start to see a few new possibilities come into focus right in front of you.


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