Grief, loss, pain, depression, heartache, life transitions - these are human experiences. This book is a short helpful tool to help you navigate your path during these difficult times.

This handbook is a living document. It's meant to ignite change within you. There's nothing static about this work, so we are reaching out to connect with you.

Reading groups and community bring this good work to life.
There's nothing more powerful than people connecting around a common theme.

What comes from heartbreak is a remarkable and surprising wholeness.

It starts with putting some pieces back together in a new way.


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Connect IN

We're all experiencing little and big heartbreaks everyday.
There's comfort in knowing that. Maybe that's why Facebook and Twitter have effected us all so much. They help us connect in quickly, and also yield way for something deeper to occur.
 From a simple post, one can derive
both profound comfort and inspiration. 
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