Grief, loss, pain, depression, heartache, life transitions - these are human experiences. This book is a short helpful tool to help you navigate your path during these difficult times.

There's comfort in knowing that being human is a shared experience. This book could never have been written without diving into that connection and pulling out the pearls of wisdom between us. And also some other organic matter...

Most everyone who has lived, has lived through heartbreak. We've all got PhD's in pain. So what makes two people come together to explore pathways through that pain?  The answer is as simple and as complicated as the heart itself. The process of writing can be beautiful, insufferable, demanding, enlightening. Couple that with two woman talking, exploring, framing, and determining what makes sense and what creates noise -- and you've got the birth of Climbing Out From Under.  This Handbook for Heartbreak has evolved us into co-creators, and  thankfully has launched us into an on-going conversation that we'd like to continue with you.  Here's a little bit about each of our backgrounds.


Dr. Caron Post

Caron’s 30 years as a clinical psychologist dealing with heartbreak gave her a front row seat to transformation. Working with other people’s pain, along with her own, made this handbook possible. She wondered when she was going through a painful divorce - how can I help people when I am in so much pain? This put her on an express train back to an early devastating death of her father when she was a very young girl. Shouldn’t I crawl into a corner? Close up shop? She learned that almost paradoxically she became even more helpful and present for her patients. Her capacity to feel and hold their pain increased.  She witnesses first hand how this was beneficial to them. It seemed almost miraculous.

Preciousinsights were gained from the patients that Caron has had the honor and privilege of working with, while bearing witness and being guided through the myriad of heartbreaks they have each endured. Her gratitude to her patients runs deep.  She’s awed by their courage, strength and willingness to share their vulnerability. Inspiration has come from her patients and friends, and serves as a reminder that our struggle through the pain of heartbreak is shared by so many. Can it be all about listening? In a way it is. What is it about those elements of deep listening that allow for the alchemy of transformation?  Sharing that learning is what this book is about for Caron.

You can explore Caron's personal site here.

Deborah Pardes

Deborah came prepared to write this book through her deep commitment to words and their power to define, elevate and heal. She has been a professional writer since a very young age (songs and prose) and has spent her career in partnership with non-writers who collaborate with her to bring life to their thoughts and ideas.

Deborah is no stranger to heartbreak. She’s had big loves fall like planets from the sky, and big dreams - once so steady and clear – come crashing down like a thud in the middle of her life.  For her, this book is indeed born from a place of honesty, vulnerability and ultimately surrender.

So many of her projects have been written on behalf of others - this handbook finally draws from her authentic voice, mixed with a deep connection to Caron's immense wisdom about the human heart.

Deborah lost her father while writing this book. The heartbreak that accompanied her profound loss found healing through the writing of this handbook.  What’s even more powerful for her is the fact that writing this book schooled her in the ways of healing from heartbreak. It was as if the timing was meant to be. But isn’t that true for so much of life?

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